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Controlling the fan speed for ATI/AMD GPUs

Recently I bought an AMD 4670 graphic card.
As the temperature of the card stays below 60 degree Celsius during normal work anyway, I was wondering if it is possible to control the fan speed due to the quite annoying noise of the fan. It is ;-)

The temperature can be checked calling:

aticonfig --od-gettemperature

Actually the fan speed can be controlled by calling aticonfig on the command line, after the AMD kernel module fglrx is loaded and the X server is running.

In order to set the fan speed automatically after reboot and in advance someone logs in put something like:

/opt/bin/aticonfig --pplib-cmd 'set fanspeed 0 12' > /dev/null

to /etc/X11/gdm/Init/Default.

( using Gentoo, location of aticonfig and gdm/Init/Default may differ )

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